Saturday, May 23, 2015

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents - The Newt Bass Estate. #urbex #urbanexploration #urbanruins #urbandecay #abandoned #abandonedplaces #abandonedbuilding #documentary #applevalley #perrymason

Newton Bass, (1903-1983) was the founder of Apple Valley, California, United States. He and partner Bernard "Bud" Westlund owned Apple Valley Ranchos Land Development Co. Begun in 1946, the company was the beginning of the development that became the incorporated Town of Apple Valley, CA.
Newton T. Bass was also involved in the development of the Hollywood Riviera Section of the City of Torrance in the early 1930s.His hilltop home in Apple Valley was one of the scenes of the Perry Mason TV episode, "The Case of the Roving River

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