Friday, June 5, 2015

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents - Chatsworth Park (The Manson Tunnels) #urbex #urbanexploration #trespassing #charlesmanson #mansonfamily #crime #documentary

I explore...or try to..the train tunnels in Chatsworth Park. These tunnels were used by the Manson Family as shortcuts. Also, a strange murder took place in them in the 90's. I set the alarms off..twice and encounter a coyote. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more of my Urban Exploration adventures!

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents: The Ruins #urbex #urbanexploration #urbandecay #urbanruins #abandoned #abandonedplaces #abandonedbuilding #trespassing #documentary

A new discovery. I am not sure what it was. Maybe they a private exotic animal enclosure. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents - Graffiti Art in Moorpark.

I explore tunnels, drains and abandoned buildings. I always keep my eyes open for interesting graffiti. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more. Hope you enjoy the video. More on the way!            

Monday, June 1, 2015

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents: Abandoned Ventura Oil Refinery #urbex #urbanruins #urbandecay #trespassing #ventura #camarillo #documentary

Morgan & I trespass..cough..explore an abandoned oil refinery in Ventura and are nicely asked by security to leave.

The Ventura Oil Refinery in California fell into decline and disrepair when the nearby wells that fed it started to dry up. Today, the site is a rusting industrial city with processions of enormous above ground reservoirs and oxidized distillation towers. Bundles of pipe in every diameter crisscross the property, sometimes running twenty feet overhead before plunging deep into the Earth. The whole place smells faintly of the petroleum derivatives that permeate the ground.

Individuals who fancy themselves urban explorers often visit the site, even though it is technically trespassing. Many photographers venture in its wonders seeking to capture the rustic scenery, also a short film was shot at this location in 2011. A large chain link fence surrounds the property in an attempt to keep people out, but it too is rusted and deteriorated in many places; it's easy to get through or around. Once inside, it's clear why the powers that be don't want unwelcome visitors: a lot of the existing platforms are rickety and could prove dangerous.-Atlas Obscura. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for much more!

Creepy Crawl with Sobaire Presents - Secrets In The Sewers (Part 2) #draining #urbex #urbanexploration #graffiti #trespassing

This tunnel spooked me good! Crazy writing on the wall in blood, possibly witchcraft , Devil worship or the writings of a very disturbed person. Weird things stuck in the walls, kept there for hiding. Graffiti from the 80s! And I take a hard fall! Subscribe to my channel for more drains, tunnels and lots of abandoned places!